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The Implementation Effectiveness methodology is designed to be used in part or in its entirety depending on the magnitude of the change to be implemented. It is not a linear process but allows the user to focus on specific Critical Success Factors throughout the change process as needed. Each tool within the toolkit is aligned to a specific Critical Success Factor and although not all tools may be necessary for an implementation, many tools can be used in conjunction with another.

The Implementation Effectiveness toolkit contains 18 tools covering all 8 of the Critical Success Factors. Each toolkit is contained within a Practicing Implementation Effectiveness binder and includes a detailed write-up of each of our Critical Success Factors as an added bonus. The IE toolkit and binder is provided to participants of the Practicing Implementation Effectiveness workshop.

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This handbook was developed using the Implementation Effectiveness Methodology used in conjunction with the Practicing Implementation Effectiveness workshop developed by the Implementation Institute. Incorporating many of the same tools as the Implementation Effectiveness toolkit, the Implementation Effectiveness handbook is a pocket size (4x6") guide including content, tools and processes.

Who should use this book?

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A popular tool and activity in the Implementation Effectiveness toolkit is the Relationship Map . The Relationship Map is useful to identify where relationships among stakeholders of the project can be leveraged or where assistance may be required to influence key individuals. Typically done in conjunction with or shortly after the first Stakeholder Analysis, the Relationship Map builds on the stakeholder information and helps to analyze which key groups and individuals need the most attention during the project. This will reveal who is most likely to be able to influence them such that they support, or at least don't oppose your project.

The Relationship Map can be purchased through the Implementation Institute shop and can be used multiple times to capture stakeholder information throughout a project or across multiple projects. The Relationship Map is is 24" x 36" and comes laminated with stickers and dry erase markers to be used multiple times. Additional refill packs including stickers and markers can be purchased separately.

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An exercise that is always received positively from the Practicing Implementation Effectiveness workshop is the Implementation Institute Puzzle which is used to show the importance of communication channels in accomplishing tasks.

The puzzles can be bought in sets of 2. One side of the set has a puzzle attached to the board while the other side has a pouch that contains the matching puzzle to be completed. The puzzles also come with the facilitation instructions to be able to run this exercise in your own workshop.

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